Théâtre Artemysia was founded in 2008 by Raffaella d’Angelo and Julia Reali and uses theatre as a source of personal development and growth. Today, they also offer theatre classes and theatre workshops in Luxembourg.

Combating stereotypes requires not only a multidimensional approach but also early intervention to raise young people’s awareness about gender, combat gender stereotypes and gender roles, discuss sexist behaviour, and address sexual, physical and psychological violence.

In cooperation with MEGA, Théâtre Artemysia has developed two social theatre concepts, one for the secondary school level and the other for the primary school level:

  • The first social theatre project called “Tout Tremble” is inspired by Euripides’ tragedy Les Troyennes. Designed for secondary school students, it aims to raise awareness about gender stereotypes, sexist beliefs, and gender-based violence.
  • The second social theatre project, “Who am I? Who are you?”, is based on fairy tales and fables and designed for primary school children. It aims to challenge gender stereotypes in a playful way that is specifically adapted to children’s needs.

The theatrical workshops will be facilitated by Raffaella d’Angelo of Théâtre Artemysia, together with educational staff and pupils at the participating schools.

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